San Diego ceramic artist Douglas Kenney Ceramic Wall Plate #8, 2021-1, underglazes on a mottled background, clear glaze Ceramic Wall Plate #7, 20-4, 20.5 inch diameter by San Diego Ceramic Artist Douglas Kenney 21 inch ceramic wall plate with colored, abstract underglaze design and clear glaze made by Douglas Kenney 2020 Douglas Kenney Ceramic Plate #5, 2021-2, Underglaze geometric squares, lines, and a circle on the plate surface and Douglas Kenney Ceramics large wall plate #1 2020-1. Underglazes and clear glaze fired in an electric kiln, 22.5 Ceramic Wall Plate #3 by Douglas Kenney, 2020-2, Created during Covid 19 lockdown in San Diego 1_Douglas-Kenney-Ceramics-Wall-Plate-4-20-7 Large ceramic wall plate with colored, abstract underglaze design and clear glaze Douglas-Kenney-Ceramics-2017-1 Artist Portrait Douglas Kenney holding one of his brightly colored ceramic plates douglas kenney san diego ceramicist headshot with large ceramic plate art Pottery classes San Diego, Pottery wheel throwing classes, San Diego Potters, San Diego Ceramic Classes, Ceramic plate, 22 inch diameter, 10-5, by Douglas Kenney 2010 Ceramic plate made in Japan, photographed in Santa Barbara by Douglas Kenney 1995 Called Intersecting Lines IMG_4056 IMG_4045 IMG_4183 IMG_4051 dkc-beefcake1 IMG_0488 IMG_4201 IMG_4726 b IMG_4722 b Douglas-Kenney-Ceramics-42-plate-2016-4 Douglas-Kenney-Ceramics-21-plate-2018-Pa Douglas-Kenney-March-2018-1b Douglas_Kenney_122 Douglas_Kenney_31
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The Art of Douglas Kenney

Brilliant Feats of Clay. Melding the ancient art of ceramics with modern airbrushing techniques, fine artist Douglas Kenney creates whole new worlds of expression. He also gives you a step-by-step of the process that has made him so sought after by art buyers. Alicia A. Ellis
Airbrush Action Magazine, USA