Large Flat Tiles

Original Ceramic Art Tiles

The large flat tile series started in 1997 at the Santa Barbara Studio.  Kenney’s idea was to make a flat shape that would itself to geometric imagery.  28” X 19” became a standard size because it fit nicely in the kiln and looked good standing alone or in groups.  Kenney bisque fires the tiles standing on edge and glaze fires them flat on a bed of sand and porcelain spacers.  This technique facilitates even firing and the sand promotes sliding when the tile shrinks during the glaze firing.  All of the tiles are for sale, unless otherwise noted, and ready to hang on sturdy, marine grade stainless cable with stainless fittings.  The majority of rectangular tiles designs are made with colored clay slips and clear glaze.  Some have over glazes and lusters fired on in a third and final firing to add color and light.

My abstract ceramic pieces are experiments in design. Finding balance between geometric and organic is my goal, like the ideal relationship between humankind and the environment. Abstract design welcomes a little chaos, so long as it does not affect the craftsmanship or integrity of the piece.

Arts & Crafts Statement by Douglas Kenney

The difference between art and craft is that art usually does not have a real function in people's lives other than it aesthetic beauty. Craft, on the other hand, has some function in a household. Functional pottery, tile, a vase all have uses. A painting or sculpture works on its aesthetics. Paintings and figurative work have traditionally been thought of as fine art. Also, if it hangs on a wall it can be referred to as art similar to a painting or drawing.

In my work, coming from western art training, I decided to use the wall as a place to display a lot of my work. In western architecture there is a vast quanity of open wall space in homes. From a marketing perspective, as an artist, I decided to compete with painting for this open wall space. Ceramic vessel and object makers always need a shelf or pedestal to display their work. Since the walls are so large, I make large pieces to fill this empty space.

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