32 Inch Plates

Original 31" to 32" Ceramic Plates

The 31 -32 inch plate series started in 1993 while teaching ceramics at San Antonio College, in Texas.  This large format was developed to make a wide area for surface designs.  Technically, the large size is more difficult to make and fire than the smaller sizes. 

Kenney’s main thought is to make ceramic art that very few can copy and to be as original as possible.  These large plates utilize similar characteristics of the small plate designs but the larger format makes a greater visual impact like a large painting. 

All of Douglas Kenney’s ceramic art is made by hand from start to finish by the artist.  The art on this site is for sale unless otherwise noted and is most of the current inventory.  There are a few others available that are not on this website.

How they are made:

This ongoing series of work is created on a wheel with slabs of clay decorated with clay slips and powder in the wet state.  Each slab is then placed on plaster mold and a wheel thrown foot is joined to the back of the slab. 

On some, the lip is cut to make a geometric shape and others they are left round.  After careful drying each piece is bisque fired in an electric kiln.  Next, the bisque ware is washed thoroughly with water, allowed to dry, and then colored clay slips are brushed, splashed or sprayed to make the final surface decoration. 

Clear glaze is applied and fired to Orton cone 5 (approximately 2200 F).  All of these plates are cabled with marine grade stainless cable and fittings for wall display.  The cable can be slid around the foot 360 degrees for a different hanging orientation if desired. 

The excitement in ceramics for me comes from the process of making objects and the finished product when displayed. I like bright colors that stand out while the layering of information creates an illusion of depth. The approach is similar to that of abstract paintings but with ceramics the shape of each object and the permanence of firing make a unique statement.

Arts & Crafts Statement by Douglas Kenney

The difference between art and craft is that art usually does not have a real function in people's lives other than it aesthetic beauty. Craft, on the other hand, has some function in a household. Functional pottery, tile, a vase all have uses. A painting or sculpture works on its aesthetics. Paintings and figurative work have traditionally been thought of as fine art. Also, if it hangs on a wall it can be referred to as art similar to a painting or drawing.

In my work, coming from western art training, I decided to use the wall as a place to display a lot of my work. In western architecture there is a vast quanity of open wall space in homes. From a marketing perspective, as an artist, I decided to compete with painting for this open wall space. Ceramic vessel and object makers always need a shelf or pedestal to display their work. Since the walls are so large, I make large pieces to fill this empty space.

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