Original 21" to 22" Ceramic Art Plates

The 21 inch plate series started as an experiment in graduate school in 1988.  Kenney created a series to document the history of ceramics from pottery to semiconductors.  After trial and error the concept of the history of ceramics became more abstracted.  The visual language that followed became the basis for many of Kenney’s creations.  These round plates on this site are currently for sale unless otherwise noted.  They are located at the San Diego area studio.  There are more 21 inch plates that are not displayed on this site.

How they are made:

This ongoing series of work is created on a wheel with slabs of clay decorated with clay slips and powder in the wet state.  Each slab is then placed on plaster mold and a wheel thrown foot is joined to the back of the slab.  After careful drying each piece is bisque fired in an electric kiln.  Next, the bisque ware is washed thoroughly with water, allowed to dry, and then colored clay slips are brushed, splashed or sprayed to make the final surface decoration.  Clear glaze is applied and fired to Orton cone 5 (approximately 2200 F).  All of these plates are cabled with marine grade stainless cable and fittings for wall display.  The cable can be slid around the foot 360 degrees for a different hanging orientation if desired. 

I am not here to discourage young ceramists from pursuing their dreams… My advice is to work hard and make at least 10 of each style, size or shape of your creations. Be as creative as possible within your kiln size. Try to leave some steps out of processes during art making to have more varied results. Use production techniques of working.

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