Stack Forms

Large, Stack Formed Ceramic Sculptures

This series of ceramic work started in 1983 during a ceramic sculpture class Kenney took in college (see history pictures).  The series has continued and evolved over the years.  Kenney’s aspiration is to make large pieces that have a presence and command attention because of the size.  Most are made in sections and then stacked on poles that are fitted into a concrete base.  The poles keep the sections from sliding off and the concrete makes for stable heavy base.  The ceramic forms themselves are usually pressmolded on a table or floor using concrete blocks and various other shapes to contain the clay slabs.  A large slab is used to cover the open part of the piece to create the appearance of a solid ceramic shape from all sides.  Each section on Hawaii Stack Form weighs about 100 lbs and the clay is from 1/2” to 1.5” thick.  There are clay sleeves inside where the poles go through each section to strengthen the finished work.

I find working with large scale and intense volume both a challenge, and a satisfaction. Also, here in Hawaii we have great atmospheric light. I have a lot of windows in the studio, and the quality of that light is also an inspiration. Light and color create emotion.

Arts & Crafts Statement by Douglas Kenney

The difference between art and craft is that art usually does not have a real function in people's lives other than it aesthetic beauty. Craft, on the other hand, has some function in a household. Functional pottery, tile, a vase all have uses. A painting or sculpture works on its aesthetics. Paintings and figurative work have traditionally been thought of as fine art. Also, if it hangs on a wall it can be referred to as art similar to a painting or drawing.

In my work, coming from western art training, I decided to use the wall as a place to display a lot of my work. In western architecture there is a vast quanity of open wall space in homes. From a marketing perspective, as an artist, I decided to compete with painting for this open wall space. Ceramic vessel and object makers always need a shelf or pedestal to display their work. Since the walls are so large, I make large pieces to fill this empty space.

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