FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Douglas Kenney Ceramic Art Accepted in the California Clay Competition 2018 Davis, California San Diego, California – March 16, 2018 - Contemporary ceramist, Douglas Kenney, will exhibit his art at the 29th annual California Clay Competition exhibition 2018, Artery Gallery, in Davis, California. This juried exhibition will feature a select few of California’s best ceramic artists. The show runs from April 27, (opening 7 to 9 pm) thru May 5, 2018. Kenney’s artwork is a combination of embedded dry clays and slips applied onto wet clay with additional layers of underglaze painted and airbrushed on to bisqueware. The layers are then covered with a clear glaze and fired in an electric kiln to 2167 F. “Tile 1,” 20 X 20” and “Plate 2,” 21” accepted for this exhibition, are fitted with a marine grade, stainless cable on the back of each piece for wall display. Kenney has forged a ceramic language that fuses the abstract and the human, the geometric and organic. His entire 38-year career as a ceramic artist has been dedicated to developing this visual language. His artworks are statements on color, movement, and emotion. These unique pieces are clay canvases that convey Kenney's unique vision of ceramic expression. It is an abstract vision, reminiscent of Kandinsky and Pollack, yet totally original and not at all derivative. Inspiration for his art comes from a love of nature and the careful integration of the manmade. It is a utopian vision of how we live in the environment. Academically trained, Kenney earned his MFA in Ceramics/Ceramics Sculpture from Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craft. Collections include: Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, Shigaraki Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art and The City of Honolulu. Contact: Douglas Kenney Websites: douglaskenneyceramics.com, kidslikeclay.com Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 10805 Hess Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941 Phone (619) 567-6964

The difference between art and craft is that art usually does not have a real function in people's lives other than it aesthetic beauty. Craft, on the other hand, has some function in a household.

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