FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Douglas Kenney Ceramic Art in the 22nd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition 2018 San Diego, California - March 23, 2018 -

Contemporary ceramist, Douglas Kenney, will show his art at the 22nd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition exhibition at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, San Angelo, Texas. Link here: http://www.samfa.org/ceramic-competition . This juried exhibition will feature a selection of the nation’s best ceramic artists. The show runs April 20, (opening 6 to 9 pm) thru June 24, 2018. Kenney’s “Red Sun and Line” Ceramics, 21” Diameter, 2017 is the work accepted for this competition. Kenney creates his work with embedded dry clays and slips applied into the wet clay slab. The piece is then draped over a plaster mold while a coil foot is added on a spinning potter’s wheel. After the first fire, underglazes are splashed, painted and airbrushed followed by an application of clear glaze. The work is fired in an electric kiln to 2167 F and is later cabled on the back with marine grade wire for wall display. Douglas Kenney’s work is a mixture of nature (organic) and the man-made (geometric). The plate is a canvas for the mixture of these symbols. He draws inspiration from nature and its rugged beauty and uses it in contrast to the hard lines and geometric shapes that emulate our cities, roads and the digital age. The roundness of the plate itself is a symbol of power, like the earth, moon and sun. Kenney discovered his passion for ceramics in high school and has since built a career that spans the past 38 years. Collections include the Smithsonian, Renwick Gallery, Shigaraki Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Japan and the City of Honolulu. He earned a MFA in Ceramics/Ceramic Sculpture from Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craft in 1989. Contact: Douglas Kenney Websites: http://douglaskenneyceramics.com/, http://www.kidslikeclay.com/, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 10805 Hess Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941, Phone (619) 567-6964 ###

I take chances trying to make new art out of each piece. For example, I am always making a new underglaze color by adding to former colors, the new surprising colors are created this way.

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